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Change management

Managing change is core to any leader’s role. Everyday workplace issues arise that are often uncomfortable to deal with and rarely welcomed by those involved.

Usually the change is framed in negative ways, such as: poor attendance and lack of discipline or the need to: improve quality and service delivery, get more effort and commitment out of the workforce, resolve specific areas of conflict, be seen to be evenhanded etc. Change may also involve larger scale projects where the business has to downsize its operation and staffing, or restructure its strategy, operations and values to address shifts occurring in the economy and society.

What drives workplace change

Appreciative inquiry for change leadership

Appreciative inquiry (Ai) and related strength-based methods underpin much of the work of Head for Change. With over 30 years of practical application of the approach across many public and business sectors and varied cultural contexts, we know Ai can inform the design of any learning or change experience. Whether you are charged with effecting change in personal or people development or changing the whole system, Ai offers a proven approach to achieving positive results. The process is democratic and systemic, whereby all stakeholders engage to generate change throughout the system.


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In our experience, developing effective models of change requires whole-of-system methods, an Appreciative inquiry values-based stance, stakeholder engagement, and leadership that models the outcome it seeks to achieve.

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Types of change may be:

  • implementing a new organisation restructure
  • securing employee engagement
  • increasing workplace motivation
  • introducing new product lines
  • developing effective workplace cultures
  • overcoming business challenges
  • enhancing quality
  • introducing a continuous learning approach
  • listening, talking, consulting with the public
  • developing a neighbourhood plan
  • discovering and spreading healthy-living examples
  • generating new ideas
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