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Ann-Shacklady-Smith-head-for-Change-Dr Ann Shacklady-Smith

Head for Change Executive Director and Lead Consultant



Business Motivation

Partners-in-Learning-logoHead for Change is the new brand name for Partners-in-Learning Ltd, which has been in business since 1997 operating first in New Zealand and for the last 10 years the UK.

The motivation underpinning Head for Change stems from a deep commitment to helping people and organisations to realise their potential for change and development. This requires an environment where learning to change characterises the workplace culture.

Working with leaders, managers, co-workers and facilitators continues to assure us that big differences are achieved through an engaging approach to change. In our experience this approach delivers self-generated, sustainable and appreciative change. Sometimes change is simply concerned with finding out what works well and how to spread and deepen good practice. Sometimes, however, it is a complex and radical matter. Either way, people must learn to be their own change agents.

Business-Motivation-Head-for-ChangeIn partnership with clients we design an appreciative approach to change. Change projects can focus on any workplace issue at any level or organisational scale, to accommodate teams, multiple stakeholders and geographically dispersed but connected teams, services and systems.

At Head for Change an appreciative inquiry stance informs the design of change projects. These experiential learning methods engage client confidence in a process of producing change outcomes that maximise the Core strengths of the client organisation.

Do review the Appreciative Inquiry pages to learn more about the work we do. The range of experience we can offer is outlined in the Associate’s profiles below. We look forward to hearing from you.



Appreciative inquiry practical field work in:

Change Management, Training, Ai Research, and Evaluation. Employee and Community Engagement projects, online training in the foundation concepts and practice of Ai.

Clients include: British Council National Offices (London, Manchester, Middle East, Zambia, Malawi); Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, State Services Sector New Zealand and  NZ government Ministries ; Community Empowerment Network, St Helens, UK; Government North West, UK, Department for Communities and Local Government, EDF Consultancy, Manchester City Council, International Women”s Day Steering Group.


Associates’ Profile

Head for Change is connected to and has worked alongside more than 30 international top-rated consultant practitioners in Ai and related disciplines who work across Europe, Africa, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Their specialisms include: Appreciative inquiry, solution-focussed coaching, process documentation, strength based coaching, narrative therapy, leadership development, web technology, writing and editing distance learning materials and professional publications.

Many colleagues are excellent facilitators and offer a rich mix of language competence and cultural understanding. Where projects require a multi-national or geographical focus Teams Head for Change can assemble a team of consultants to offer the appropriate level of skill and expertise to meet specific project requirements.


Fair Fees Policy

Each project designed by Head for Change is scoped to offer the best value and quality with respect to budget and project complexity.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Specific Ai tools and sample templates are available for download soon and offer proven examples for the Ai practitioner to adapt to similar situations.