Ai and change management

Ai is an approach to change management that is widely used to tackle challenges in core areas of management and leadership. Key to the approach is the idea that change begins at the point of the questions asked about the topic – which of course determine what is found. Asking about what’s right about the organisation, for example, its values, what people are most proud of, the best elements of its culture, will send the inquirer and those engaged with the inquiry in a particular and positive direction. This approach to organisation change is markedly different from that which has prevailed for more than a century where focussing on an organisation’s failures and why things go wrong exacerbate negativity and deficit-based results. Research shows that traditional deficit based approaches do not result in sustainable change outcomes.

Change leader training to build capacity for internal organisation change

Head for Change will help an organisation to build its internal capacity for doing Ai projects and integrating Ai with their change management methods and approaches. This often involves training change leaders to review their default approach to change; to adopt an appreciative perspective which focuses on what works rather than what’s wrong, to frame change projects from an asset-rich point of view and devise questions that provide an appreciative stance and generative capability.

Below you will see our services to help you develop internal Ai capacity, including the online session programme for training change leaders in the basics of Ai, or for equipping competent change-management facilitators to incorporate different Ai perspectives and methods into their repertoire. There are also a number of tried and tested Ai protocols on a range of change topics available for download that will be useful to the busy change leader who wants to utilise credible off-the-shelf material for workshops and for starting Ai conversations.

Becoming an Appreciative inquirer – an eight week online course

This course will  introduce you to the concepts and practice of Ai and how to apply the principles of Ai in your everyday personal and working life
The five inquiry phases of appreciative change will be taught as represented by the Head for Change Stem and Leaf cycle-of-change below

Course materials will cover

  • Ai theory and practice
  • How Ai generates change – The Stem and Leaf cycle-of-change
  • Practising Ai using a range of examples
  • Crafting Appreciative Questions
  • Reframing problems and developing an appreciative eye
  • Designing and doing an Ai change project
  • Documenting your learning
  • Sharing with others
  • Access to wider Ai resources

Learn how to conduct an Appreciative inquiry

You will be introduced to the Stem and Leaf cycle-of-change © :

Appreciative inquiry unfurling-leaves

– and through an applied Ai project will learn how to:

plan a change process
discover what needs to be changed
dream of  new out of the box possibilities
design change plans and identify resources
generate change leadership and commitment
evaluate results

Learn more about the full Ai course

Appreciative inquiry topic guides (Ai Protocols) for conducting conversations, consultation or engagement workshops or formal inquiries on the  change topics below. Each guide includes suggestions on how to organise and facilitate the event.

Available for download soon…

  • Inspiring others
  • Finding life’s balance
  • Innovation at work
  • Engaging communities in topics that matter (planning applications ‘changes in the community’ welcoming migrants)
  • Developing women’s leadership potential
  • My fabulous career
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