Appreciative inquiry FAQs

Ai is a way of viewing the world from the point of view that in every situation there is something good/beneficial to be learned.

More often we view the world from a negative standpoint and this colours or limits the possible thoughts and actions that can proceed from the initial viewpoint (often to the exclusion of positive possibilities).

Ai opens us up to different possibilities and can guide us to a more optimistic, life-giving and constructive way of creating change.

Research shows that a positive approach produces beneficial health consequences (Stairs and Gilpin, 2010)

Best way is to have a go yourself – try this free sample of the course

Online learning offers more flexibility for the learner. An equivalent face-to-face course would be delivered over 3-5 days with little time between theory and practice. Taking the course online allows you to practice the skills when time and opportunity is available to you. The online material remains available for you to access for an extended period to remind you of what to do when you need it.

Online provision also makes the Ai approach accessible and affordable to many who are unable to join a course or where there are insufficient numbers to support a face-to-face classroom-based course.

Head for Change also offers bespoke online Ai courses which allow many individuals, perhaps located on different work sites, to join together and learn Ai that is focussed on a particular theme or topic relevant to them.

For individual learners. £250.00

For bespoke Business courses for 25 or more learners cost to be negotiated

All materials are available through dedicated web link access and workbooks are available in PDF download format. Materials provided are sufficient to help you gain a working knowledge and practice in doing Ai within a variety of settings. Learning materials include:

  • Short articles and readings about Ai
  • Practical exercises in Ai to guide you to:
    • Host or take part in specific topical conversations
    • Write Ai questions
    • Frame an Appreciative inquiry
  • An Appreciative learning journal
  • Visual presentations of the key Ai principles
  • Access to a dedicated discussion forum
  • Learning notes to explain particular aspects of Ai
  • Links to additional freely downloadable case studies and Ai reference material

You should allow a minimum of 3-4 hours per week study time over the duration of the course. The following is a guide to how much time to spend on each learning activity.

Learning material  hours

Reading        2-4 hours

Practice        8-10 hours (for self-inquirers) 10+ for adaptation and experimentation

Reflection    2-3 hours

Discussion   2-3 hours

Writing        2-4 hours

Doing an Ai project: Allow 8 hours for Thinking, preparation and design of the project. The implementation time will depend on the type of project, advice will be given on the course.

The guide times given above for each exercise are sufficient for you to gain confidence in doing Ai at the beginner’s level. Of course the more practice you do in different situations and scenarios the more accomplished, confident and insightful about Ai you will become. In the end it will depend on your own style of learning and how much extra time you wish to spend exploring additional course material.

In theory you will be able to complete the practical exercises fairly quickly. However, the material is divided into weekly sessions to give you a time period in which to practise, to reflect and to engage with your peers in the discussion forum. Choose the speed of progression that suits your own circumstances.

This adopts a suggestion from the Ai Euro Network to have an acronym that distinguishes between AI as Artifical Intelligence and Ai as Appreciative inquiry.

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