Why change?

Change may be driven by new legislation and regulatory requirements, organisation mergers, new technology, business performance requirements or social and economic necessity.

Often the change is complex, but at heart it always involves a shift in leadership, team working and how people/employees think about and conduct themselves in their approach to work and their colleagues and customers.



Ai – a proven approach to change

Appreciative inquiry (Ai) and related strength-based methods underpin much of the work of Head for Change. With over 30 years of practical application of the approach across many public and business sectors and varied cultural contexts, we know Ai can inform the design of any learning or change experience. Whether you are charged with effecting change in personal or people development or changing the whole system, Ai offers a proven approach to achieving positive results. The process is democratic and systemic, whereby all stakeholders engage to generate change throughout the system.

Ai and change leadership

There will be times when as a busy leader you will be required to encourage your staff to make personal or work-related changes. Head for Change is experienced in providing supportive methods that help change leaders to manage change in a confident way. We use methods designed to tackle real issues in a positive and productive way, where results are owned by people that have to implement them. The Ai change process is engaging, affirming and developmental for all involved.

Managing change will always be part of what all leaders are required to do – but managing change well is what great leaders do. Look below at how some great leaders have used Appreciative inquiry to help them in this vital part of their role.



Head for Change Change Management

Ai for organisation development

Some examples:

  • Encourage ‘blue sky’ thinking
  • Identify core strengths
  • Detect a path for innovation
  • Discover evidence for strength-led change
  • Secure engagement
  • Design a plan of action
  • Experience new futures
  • Evaluate results


Ai to enhance workplace motivation

Some examples:

  • Team building
  • Coaching and leadership development
  • Positive workplace relationships
  • Strength-based coaching for self and staff development
  • Host solutions-focussed meetings
  • Drive appreciative conversations and business narratives
  • Achieve performance excellence
  • Engage multiple stakeholders
  • Enhancing workplace motivation