Community engagement


Community engagement to achieve social results

Head for Change has designed and facilitated many local community-based change projects. These range from discovering what works in communities to using Ai methodology in surveys and consultative research. We also design community Ai workshops where enthusiasm, commitment and innovation are generated for the purpose of developing locally-led change programmes and projects.

Here are some examples:

  • Creating a health and safety strategy using Ai
  • Engaging women’s voices for city-wide change
  • Needs assessment using surveys and consultative research
  • Engage communities
  • Discover health and wellbeing needs
  • Develop neighbourhood plans
  • Improve agency-community relationships
  • Resolve conflict
  • Building social cohesion
  • Create positive memories
  • Generate public engagement
  • Secure grants and funding


Snapshots of the Ai process at work

Head for change can also build into the process the services of specialist graphic media recorders/facilitators who capture the Ai learning and change process using art, visual reports and various social media. See some of the creative visual media that tell the story of community projects as they develop. Get a snapshot of the Ai process at work and see representations of the outcomes of several town-wide and local community conversations that Head for Change has been involved with.

Each poster below tells the story of the issues discovered and the aspirations of the community:


Developing a town-wide vision of the future



Discovering youth perspectives on health and education



Developing anti-social behaviour strategies



Creating a parks and open spaces framework for sharing and planning events